Our prices are simple and competitive.
1. To assign each voice or fax number: FREE. It includes account creation and pre-set-up of your portal.
2. Communication fee for each number is $24.99 per month with the unlimited plan. It also includes the service for the first three physical devices (phone or fax) on the premises. Each additional telephone (fax) station (extension) over three, will be charged $5 per month. There are absolutely no other hidden fees for monthly services.

Fee schedule term.

This new fee schedule becomes current starting on February 1, 2023.

For the current customers, a new fee schedule starts on March 1, 2023

Telephone devices

We use Grandstream devices. The devices can be supplied as you requested pre-configured. If you will bring your own Grandstream device, please contact us to add your device to the system. The consultation and adding your device to the system are free.

In our plans to add an online shop for communication devices.

We can make a professional onsite installation in the Great Los Angeles area for an additional fee.