Services and Devices

Atakam Teleport provides telecommunication services to private individuals and small-to-medium businesses with Voice-over-IP voice and fax.

We use our servers based on Linux, Asterisk solutions, and the VitalPBX communication portal.

Most of the hardware we use is by Boston-based Grandstream corporation.

The most popular devices are the series

GXP2100. Office Executive telephones

GRP2600 series. Carrier-class VoIP telephones including models with WiFi capability.


We have two FAX solutions. Our PBX has a FAX module to send, receive and store fax messages. The fax adapter can be installed locally and connected to your existing fax machine to send faxes.


More information about the Grandstream products can be found on the GRANDSTREAM website


You can order your telephone numbers online using a form or by email at, or just call us at
(307) 855-0111 and you will have your numbers immediately. To get the number and open the account you need:

1. Company name (or personal name if private)
2. Email address (it will be used as your login to the system)
3. Address where service will be located
4. Person on the account (if a business) with contact information.

After receiving your number(s) you can immediately start to receive calls on your existing mobile or landline phone (you have to provide us with the number of your choice to forward the calls), and faxes will go to your email as pdf attachments. Within 24 hours our technicians will set up the account and you will receive an email with the credentials to log in to your portal at

Your portal with us will include:

Call features

Call Forward (busy, no answer, unconditional). Call Transfer (blind, attended). Personal Assistance (IVR). Boss/Secretary + Whitelist.  Blacklist. Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Support. Call Back. Call Flow Control. Call Monitoring. Call Pickup. Call Parking. Call Recording. Call Screening. Call Spy. Call Waiting. Callback Services. Caller-ID. Dictation. DISA (Direct Inward System Access). DND (Do Not Disturb). Direct Inward Dial Numbers (DIDs). Find Me/Follow Me. Hunt/Ring Groups. Music on Hold. Outbound/Inbound Routes. PIN Sets. Pickup Groups. Personal Recording/Notes. Remote Substitution. Remote Call Pickup. Route by Caller ID. Speed Dials. Three-Way Calling. Video Calling. Voicemail. Voicemail to Email. Voicemail Broadcast. Wake-up Calls. Multiple Devices per User. Personal Call Log. Personal Extension Settings. Personal IVR. Voicemail to e-mail. Visual Voicemail. User Portal: Access to Voicemail, Recordings, etc.

Call Center features

Agent login/log out. Barge. Call monitoring. Call queues. Call recording. Caller Name Lookup. CDR (Call Details Record). Conferencing (on the fly). Customer account codes. Hot-desking. Hunting groups. IVR / Auto-attendants. Listen to the agent. Pick-up groups. Queue priorities. Queue VIP list. Ring group strategies. Reporting. Time-based routing. Whisper to the agent.

Administration features. Security. Settings. Unified Communications. User portal, etc.

The full 100+ feature list will be available on our website soon.

Most significantly – all those features are free when you establish an account with us!

You do not need to learn the whole manual. We are preparing a list of easy HOW TOs for the most used features.

We have a promotional rate for new accounts created before the end of the year:
1. To assign a number, create, and set up the account - FREE.
2. Communication fee for each number is $24.99 per month. It includes the service fee for the first three physical telephones (extensions)  or fax devices on the premises. Each additional telephone station (extension) will be charged $5 per month.

We provide our customers with an unlimited calling plan.